Good vs. evil

Both series are about good and evil, yet they also have similar structures that represent those concepts. The continuing conflict between the Jedi and the Sith is at the core of Star Wars. The Sith use black clothing and the power of the Force for bad to dominate humanity.

The Death Eaters in Harry Potter wear black and employ magic for evil. The Order of the Phoenix, while not identical, is comparable to the Jedi Order ⏤ a group of individuals who band together to combat those who use their magic for evil. Dumbledore’s Army at Hogwarts is similar to this in Harry Potter. Both series also have their villains referred to by name, such as Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars and Lord Vader from Harry Potter.

The stakes were raised considerably in the events of Hogwarts: A History, which shows how the conflict between good and evil plays an important part in nearly every epic saga. While it may have been nice to see Harry learn all there is to know about wizardry without having a power-hungry fanatic constantly looming over him, the increased stakes made us worry for him and root for him when he was able to apply his new knowledge to defeat his foes.

Both films would be far less potent if there weren’t a sufficiently malevolent force for the Jedi to combat. Similarly, Star Wars wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful if the Sith weren’t so terrible that the Jedi had to intervene. It’s right in the name. The tale wouldn’t be as interesting without a war, and the lessons characters learn about overcoming their fears and entering into the light are what offer viewers important life principles about vanquishing evil from our world.