In Harry Potter, the legendary wizard lives in a fantasy world where magic is as common as flying brooms and Butterbeer that refills itself. Star Wars takes place in a sci-fi universe inhabited by strange, albeit magical creatures.

Certain persons in Star Wars can feel the Force and use it to accomplish amazing things, such as manipulate objects with a flick of the wrist or make people more gullible. A witch or wizard in Harry Potter may utilize spells like Wingardium Leviosa to lift items from across the room, or Confundo to deceive individuals into being particularly impressionable.

These abilities allow their users to achieve amazing things that go beyond the bounds of human capability, making the characters as strong as they are potent. These superhuman talents play a big role in determining who will win a conflict and whether or not individuals can extricate themselves from tough situations.

With great power comes great responsibility, as Spider-Man knows, and the characters in both Star Wars and Harry Potter learn just as quickly that simply because they have unique powers doesn’t imply things will get any easier. Power may be entertaining, but misuse it wrongfully and things can become horribly difficult.