27. Malin Head, Ireland

Another Irish coastal location has been used for the same purpose in The Last Jedi. Malin Head, located on Ireland’s north coast, was also utilized for the scenes between Rey and Luke Skywalker. This indicates that if you want to see Luke Skywalker’s hermitage from a distance, you have two options in Ireland to do so.

28. La Grande Dune, near Nefta, Tunisia

To create a planet like Tatooine you need an awful lot of endless desert, and many scenes in A New Hope required just that. Moments like when C3PO and R2D2 are wandering across the shifting landscape and the Stormtroopers are hunting them down required somewhere appropriately remote.

The Great Dune in Tunisia’s far west, near the town of Nefta, was just what we were looking for. Those sand dunes by the Algerian border proved to be the ideal backdrop for those early moments on Tatooine before we see the droids meet Luke Skywalker. It’s also here that you may view the famed “sand igloo,” which served as the outside of the Lars Homestead in among the desert.Traveller are resting and photograph on sky cliff walk at First peak of Alps mountain Grindelwald SwitzerlandMathisa / shutterstock.com