Many people are pessimistic about their chances for success. Rather, a sour stoicism seems to be the prevailing attitude of the day.

Additionally, the “good guys” are not a squeaky-clean contrast to the “bad guys.” The “good guys” kill and cause friendly casualties, torture their captives, and execute wounded opponents while justifying it all. Many of the participants appear to be affected by moral wounds, particularly Cassian Andor.

The battle on Jedha also blurs distinctions. In a filthy village, a frenzied assault erupts out of nowhere as insurgents attack a convoy from a fully equipped military hoping to blend in with the civilian population before the occupying superpower’s fast reaction force arrives to save them.

Saving the kid was a plot moment that highlighted Jyn’s bravery and kindness, but it burned me the first time I saw it. The wailing infant caught in the crossfire was a bit too real for me, based on some of my experiences. The sequence calls to mind images from Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as tough questions about who is right in this situation: the superpower defending its convoy?