Veterans find it authentic

I’m not sure if they employed military veterans as consultants on Rogue One, but it has a decidedly military feel to it. The rattling of the spacecraft is bothersome. Paint has worn off from areas where hands would naturally grab or equipment would rub. The paint on cockpit windows is scratched and, when the light shines through them incorrectly, they are difficult to see through. Headphones are hung on a convenient grab rail rather than the hanger intended for them — if one existed.

Designers of military vehicles on distant planets, it seems, have never actually driven them in the field. Vehicle movement creates a lot of dust. These are all elements that would appear “real” to military veterans right away.

Take a look at the troops’ clothing and appearance in Rogue One, particularly those who were at the Battle of Scarif. Rebel Lt. Taidu Sefla’s gear is straight out of the Vietnam War, complete with a flak jacket that appears to have been worn for years, an M1-style helmet with personal belongings kept on by an elastic band and a chin strap – unbuttoned of course. His weapon seems like an M4 or M16, and he’s holding it in a way that isn’t seen very often in films: muzzle down and finger high and next to the gun, not on the trigger.