• The tan jumping spider (Platycruptus undatus) is found in the United States and Canada beneath tree bark. Though they appear to fit in well with their surroundings, collectors may scoop up this unusual spider and take it in their hands.
  • The zebra jumping spider (Salticus scenicus) can be found in North America and Europe. Its name comes from the fact that it features distinctive cream and black stripes.
  • The elegant golden jumping spider (Chrysilla lauta) is one of the most colorful invertebrates. It can be found in rainforests throughout Asia, and its iridescent colors include gold, red, blue, pink, and green. This arachnid might easily be confused with a piece of jewelry!

Pet jumping spiders are frequently not found in pet shops, however they may be captured outdoors like a fictitious Pokèmon. Some say they adapt readily to a covered aquarium with at least a cubic foot of space and lots of twigs, rocks, and plants to hide in. What is the purpose of keeping a pet jumping spider? They let them crawl on their hands, feed them live insects, and create social media videos of their bawling.