Jumping Spiders Are Actually Cute

Jumping SpidersJumping spiders pounce on their prey with their legs, which are usually insects. Jumping spiders don’t contain unique leg muscles, such as grasshoppers’, that assist them in leaping.

kajornyot wildlife photography/Shutterstock.com

Some people may feel that the words “cute” and “spider” don’t belong in the same sentence, but they haven’t yet come across the leaping spider.

The eyes of jumping spiders are formed in such a way that they have two huge forward-facing eyes and a little eye on each side. Just as big eyes make anime characters appear adorable, so do the enormous eyes of this spider.

Jumping spiders are also covered in fur, and they are frequently brightly colored and patterned. Finally, while moving their front legs in a defensive posture or mating dance, their motions may appear to be a dance.