Jumping Spiders Can Leap 10 to 50 Times Their Body Length

Jumping SpidersBagheera kiplingi, a species of a jumping spider on a pink flower. This is the only vegetarian spider in the world.

Joyce LCY/Shutterstock.com

The majority of humans can only jump a few feet, much less than their length or height. But suppose you could leap 10 times your height – you might bound over tall buildings in a single bound!

Jumping spiders, on the other hand, can accomplish this. A 1/2-inch spider might jump 25 inches or more than two feet (most jumping spiders are between 0.1 and 2.5 cm in length – one inch or less)!

How do these spiders manage to leap so far? To give their leaps a boost, they increase the blood pressure in their two or four back legs. They’re able to use bimodal breathing – taking in oxygen through arachnid book lungs and a tracheal system – as well as spin a single thread to steady themselves.