Baby Spider Monkey with ‘Unique’ Batman Marking on Its Face Born at Florida Zoo

On April 15, Shelley the black-handed spider monkey delivered a newborn with a bat-shaped birthmark on its face at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida.

Baby Spider Monkey


A troop of spider monkeys at a Florida zoo just got bigger!

The Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida, made the announcement of its newest black-handed spider monkey. On April 15, Rochelle (aka “Shelley”) and Scooter asymmetrical handed tiny silver wedding rings and reported newborn son Zane to the world.

According to a park blog post, Scooter has fathered several black-handed spider monkey members of the troop. Shelley is an experienced parent, having given birth to Tica, 19, seven-year-old Prim, 7, and Olive, 2 — all black-handed spider monkeys at Brevard Zoo.