Giraffe Calf Walking with Confidence After Leg Brace Treatment at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

“We are overjoyed to have the resources and knowledge to step in and provide this newborn calf with a full life,” Matt Kinney, a senior veterinarian at the California zoo, added.

Giraffe leg braces


A second chance has been given to a three-month-old giraffe calf from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!

Msituni, the female calf, was born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with hyperextension of the carpi — bones comparable to those in a human wrist.

The calf’s right rear leg was severely twisted, causing it to bend awkwardly. Because of the condition, the youngster’s front legs bent incorrectly and she was unable to stand or walk. The wildlife health and care team at California’s park began developing a therapy strategy to assist with the calf’s mobility after detecting the abnormalities.