Which Star Wars Hero Are You?

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There are no shortages of heroes in the Star Wars galaxy. From the legendary Jedi to the freedom fighters of the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance, tales from a galaxy far, far away demonstrate that any one of us can rise to the occasion.

But if you’ve ever pondered which Star Wars hero you’d be, there’s now a new Star Wars website quiz to decide it for you.

  • Question of

    Pick a favorite film genre:

    • Horror
    • Western
    • Musical
    • Comedy
  • Question of

    Who is the scariest Star Wars villain?

    • Sheev Palpatine
    • Kylo Ren
    • Darth Vader
    • All of them are terrifying!!!
  • Question of

    If you could travel to the galaxy far, far away, where would you go first?

    • Tatooine
    • Batuu
    • Takodana
    • Nevarro
  • Question of

    Pick a favorite music genre:

    • Country
    • Punk
    • Rock
    • Classical
  • Question of

    If you had a lightsaber, what color would the blade be?

    • Blue
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Yellow
  • Question of

    What’s your greatest strength?

    • Fortitude
    • Brawn
    • Patience
    • Mindfulness
  • Question of

    What quote best represents you?

    • “Laugh it up fuzzball”
    • “Wars not make one great”
    • “You can’t stop the change, any more than you can stop the sun from setting”
    • I’m in charge now, Phasma I’m in charge
  • Question of

    If you could team up with a Star Wars character for an adventure, who would you choose?

    • R2-D2
    • Chewbacca
    • BB-8
    • Grogu
  • Question of

    What would you name as your biggest flaw?

    • Caring too much
    • Reluctant to join group activities
    • Hatred of Sand
    • Fear
  • Question of

    If you discovered you could use the Force, what would you do first?

    • Lift some rocks
    • Try a jedi Mind Trick
    • Build a lightsaber
    • Levitate

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