10 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Will Never Be The Face Of WWE

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Despite nearly two years of concentrated efforts by WWE to make him one of, if not the top star in the company, The Roman Reigns Problem has been an open secret for some time. From the day he debuted on the main roster, Reigns was labeled a future star by WWE, yet he hasn’t delivered.

Reigns, on the other hand, seems to be improving with each passing day. But why has Roman Reigns’ career gone so badly wrong? Is it possible that WWE has forgotten how to create superstars? Is he really as bad a wrestler as people say? Or is it more of a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Roman Reigns’ failure to become the WWE’s top star is a complex mix of factors, some of which are beyond his control and others that he shares blame for. As a result, while Roman Reigns may still achieve success in professional wrestling, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll ever be the #1 top star of the company.